2nd entry character make-up contest: Zombie

Hi again,

this is a classical Zombie make-up with an encapsulated silicone prosthetic made out of platsil gel 10.
I sculpted, moulded and applied it on myself. It was prepainted before applying. The teeth are cheap veneers from ebay, and put off while moulding and glued onto the finished piece again.

I made a "fresh" version, where you could imagine the person just beginning to transform into a Zombie. And a "rotten" version, where the zombie is already a zombie for a longer time.

The same prosthetic to two different versions to see what painting can do.

The rotten one is finished with some "on skin/ out of the kit" silicones, too, as these give a shiny and glossy finish to the mouth.

I was trying different lenses and am wearing sclera and normal contactlenses and a wig on the rotten and small lenses on the fresh zombie.

Both zombie styles were fun ;-)

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