Female Alien prosthetic makeup

This makeup was designed, sculpted, moulded, cast and applied by me. It consists of 6 overlapping appliances: 1) the back of head & neck, 2) the top of head/forehead/nose, 3) left cheek, 4) right cheek, 5) chin and 6) front neck. The costume and body suit was created by Amber Shorrock. Contact lenses were provided by Cantor&Nissel. The moulds were made of various materials such as silicone/fibre glass and polyurethane resin and most of the appliances were cast in Mouldlife's Platsil 25 and encapsulated in Baldiez. The back of head/neck appliance was run in foam latex. I prepainted the pieces prior to application using a silicone/white spirit/oil paint mix and then tied everything together on application day with Skin Illustrators.  

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