Godar Shirok by Zea

Godar Shirok:
In a galaxy far far away there is a planet called Idiolomantis were human - mantis hybrid aliens live.  Godar Shirok is one of them, she is one of the most intelligent of them all. Curiosity led her to discover the human planet many galaxies away....and this is were the journey begins.

This is a Makeup I designed inspired by Idolomantis Diabolica and ghost mantis. My research took me to discover these fascinating alien like creatures, their mouths are the most complicated part to understand. 

The lifecast bust was taken entirely by myself using alginate. 
The sculpture was made out of Monsterclay (hard)
The final piece is actually polyurethane foam with encapsulated in latex as to protect the models skin and achieve the final look. I chose this material due to lack of time and having no oven to bake the foam latex in.
All the project was done by myself.

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