Character Makeup Contest entries

These are my character entries for the Character Makeup Contest. I am self-taught and the following are a few of my first full characters I have created.  I constructed all of the prosthetics and self-applied two of them. The first character is a bayou hag I created for a demo at a horror convention. This was one of my first full face foam latex pieces I created as well as fabricating a full costume. It was painted with a combination of pax and alcohol activated paints.

My second character is a geisha inspired look which was one of my first attempts at incorporating beauty/fantasy makeup with prosthetics. This piece was my very first gelatin flatplate prosthetic. It was painted using water activated paints and multiple types of beauty cosmetics.

My final entry is an apocalyptic human/rat hybrid which I named the homo-rattus erectus. This was my first successful full face silicone appliance and was colored entirely with alcohol activated paints. 

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