Beauty and Destruction Character Makeups for a Save the Rainforest Campaign.

 Hello, my name's Katie Narramore.

These are two character makeups that I created for my final, second year project at University; 

A save the Rainforest campaign shoot named "Stop and Think".

On the left: 'Beauty' - the vibrant and living version of the Rainforest. 
For this character, I created a hair cage from scratch; singeing metal rods together to create the initial structure, covering in net foundation lace, and then attaching hair and detail such as plaiting and moss, to create the illusion of tree roots. I then incorporated the cage into my models natural hair. 
I also completed a body paint up to my models lower torso, which included silicone, flat piece prosthetics of a yellow viper snake, tropical leaves and flowers on the centre of his chest. The vibrant colours and patterns of the body paint were inspired by the paintings “Spirit of the Rainforest Art Eden Project” by John Dyer and Nixiwaka Yawanawá.

On the right: 'Destruction' - The dark, dying and destroyed version of the Rainforest. 
This look included a metal, bird hair cage made by myself again and incorporated within a synthetic wig, and styled creating flowers out of the hair and adding in moss. 
Before styling, I cut the wig in half, to allow room to blend the wig in with my models natural hair.

I also completed another body paint up to my models lower torso, which included dying flowers across her chest, which were closed mould silicone prosthetics. I used dark, earthy colours to create a visible contrast between the two characters and to express and portray the damage that we are creating. 

I hope you like and enjoy the finished outcome! 

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