Latex in Silicone

Hi guys,

I have made a set of pixie ears that I sculpted and cast in Mold Max 30. I was planning on making ears from Dragon Skin, and then client changed their mind and decided they wanted latex (not foam latex) ears instead. I have the silicone mold, and nothing else. The clay has been thrown away from the original sculpt, so all I have is the mold. What can I do? Can I cast latex in layers in the mold? Will I still be able to make silicone ears afterwards if I clean it well? Please help me, I'm quite desperate.


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    HI Jurine,

    You can cast latex in a silicone mold, you just need to do it in thin layers like you said.

    You can cast platinum silicone in the mold after casting latex, but you will have to clean it thoroughly and use releases as a barrier layer.  Since your mold is already a tin cure silicone and you would be casting another (platinum) silicone, you would need to have a good release layer any way to prevent the two silicones from bonding.

    Good luck, and I hope you can share some pictures of the ears with us here!

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    Hi Jurine
    I recommend getting Inhibit x from smooth on. Apply that before the release be for you do silicone after latex. It helps prevent any latex reside from affecting the silicone
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    I made a mistake, the molding silicone I used was Mold Star 30, not Mold Max 30. I apologise
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