Space Chimp foam latex prosthetic makeup

Hi everyone!

Here is my homemade Space Chimp cosplay. I started this project by making a life cast of my face then sculpting the chimpanzee character in Chavant clay. I gave the sculpt a slight smile as he’s very excited to go into space!

After molding it in Ultracal 30 I cast and baked the foam latex prosthetic mask and prepainted it with an airbrush.
The crepe hair is also hand layed by me and I slicked it back into my own hair to achieve a seamless furry head look. The mouth is functional so I was able to talk and drink through a straw.

The suit is also a creation of my own featuring parts from a hardware store and real patches glued onto a generic orange flight suit.

This character was a blast to wear and a big hit with people who just loved hanging out with “Enos” the 6 foot tall space chimp!!


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