Animatronic alien puppet

My wife's completed alien puppet, taking inspiration from the bambi burster used in Alien 3.


Expiation (puppet screen test)


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    Beautiful work, both on the puppet and the videos.

    I assume this is part of a larger project you are working on?  Amazing stuff, and I hope you can share more here in the future!

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    Thanks Chris.

    The creature was actually made as part of a larger research masterwork into Giger and puppetry - but we both agreed that once fabricated, it only made sense to actually film something. The dramatic work only had the smallest amount of narrative. It's possible that we re-visit it at some point, but for now it occupies the unique and fun position of a prop being created not because a script calls for it, but because she really wanted to research it and build it.

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    love the construction video very informative
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    This is fantastic! Excellent work!
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