Davy Jones silicone prosthetic makeup

This is my completely homemade Davy Jones Cosplay!

I started by taking a lifecast of my own face and hand, then sculpted the character on as a prosthetic to be cast in silicone.
The tentacles were sculpted and molded separately with matching washers on the end to ensure a perfect fit. 
The face, hand and tentacles were all cast in a gel filled silicone to achieve a squishy feel with a tough skin, then all painted with a silicone paint thinned down with Naptha.
I sculpted/molded the claw and leg separately as well and cast them in latex filled with foam then painted them with acrylics.

As for for the costume I sewed together a simple pirate suit using a Halloween pattern and glued on latex barnacles which I sculpted and molded plus real shells and starfish I purchased from a hobby store. I then distressed it heavily by cutting holes, shredding it and splashing mucky colors oll over it. 

After all all that work it was a triumph to finally put it all on and go out as Davy Jones. I got a huge positive reaction and people just couldn't believe their eyes!
Thanks for looking,
Todd Davis


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    Todd, this is amazing! I'm blown away by your work.
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    That's great. Lovely scuplting
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    awesome work!
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    Outstanding! I am in love with that!
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    awesome work Todd! really incredible! I'm impressed. one question, how much would you charge to make another mask out of your mold, I mean, just the main one you have sculped (face) in raw (without tentacles and without any paint)?
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    Hello! Thank you I’m glad you like my work, it was a lot of fun to do. Unfortunately I no longer have the mold for Davy Jones. 
    I might resculpt Davy Jones again some day and make latex copies though.
    Right now I’m focused on finishing pieces for Maskfest in August. Check out Laughing Ghost Studios on Instagram and Facebook if you’re interested in seeing what I come out with in the future!
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    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for your answer,, I'll definetly check that out.
    So I will have to try to make a Davy jones mask myself :)  but I'm very new to all this, do you have any advice or technique? by the way my email is musicalcem@hotmail.com if you want to share some techniques about sculpting and molding.
    In any case thank you for the awesome work and keep on, you're very gifted!
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    Fantastic work Todd!

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    Thank you!! 
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    Hi Todd. It's been years since I did arts and crafts in school. This is absolutely fantastic. I'd love to know more on how you made the tentacles and the process involved. My niece is obsessed with octopus and loves the aquariums. I'd love to make an octopus for her next birthday. Would love to chat with you on the how too process. Thank you 😊
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    Hello! Sure thing, I can give you some advice on that. 
    Here’s my email: busterpotbelly@yahoo.com
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    Hey Todd,
    Your work is amazing! My boyfriend is a huge fan of pirates and Davy Jones is one of his favorite icons. I want to make him this cosplay outfit for his birthday. If possible could I also have the information on how you made the mask and other prosthetics?
    Thank you
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    Hello! Thank you I’m glad you like it!
    The mask, tentacles, hand, claw and leg were all sculpted in modeling clay. Then I made plaster molds off of those sculptures and cast silicone into the molds. It takes some pretty serious sculpting and molding skills however if you have some experience with that then I’m sure you can get through it. 
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    Thank you, Todd, I will be checking out some sculpting courses/ videos to see to get things started!
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     I'm impressed. one question, how much would you charge to make another mask out of your mold, I mean, just the main one you have sculped (face) in raw (without tentacles and without any paint)?

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    Thanks! The mold is long gone unfortunately. I sold it off to another artist 13 years ago and have since lost touch with that person. 
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