1st entry character make-up contest: swamp witch

Hi all, 

my name is Julia and I am a professional make-up artist from Berlin/Germany.

Last year I participated in the Face Awards Germany and created a swamp witch on myself, as we had the theme "witches and warlocks".
I really had much fun with that character, as I took my inspiration from "Meg Mucklebones" in one of my most favourite movies "legend" from Ridley Scott. I love this make-up so much. (actually all make-ups in this movie!)

This "swamp witch" make-up is made with simple latex prosthetics (forehead/brows and nose + chin). I sculpted the pieces before. The rest of the make-up is just painted.
Contact lenses and teeth are worn. The teeth were not completely made by me, those were just some bought monster teeth, but I cut and fit them properly and painted them. The head piece was tinkered by me. Fingernails are fake and I am wearing a wig.

You can also watch the whole tutorial on my youtube channel. Don´t be confused, as I show two make-ups in the video, a pretty witch and the ugly swamp witch. The video is in German but has English subtitles. Link below under the photos! Enjoy :-)

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