three character submission monster monster and bite arms off

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The first here is a head mechanism to make the face split in two and roar . This was made out of foam and she could control it by her mouth opening and shutting . The flesh was dragon skin. The second one ( armless effect) was achieved to make a “the thing “ homage . This is an entire arm and body rig that was made to also push and slide his arms in a way that they are concealed . It is made out of foam , latex and believe it or not prosaid that it put in the dethawer for a week and some silicone . The last is the monster that glows which is a gel 00 prosthetic and under it are some uses of neon paints and when hit with black light did some fun radiance plus we had to do the same with her contacts and also find the perfect medium to have it reflect from the eye so we in certain pics used full glass contacts and not just the soft ones. 
https://youtu.be/Kdt7YrfQLd4  -monster open mouth . https://youtu.be/rXh_HnyHWCM Second shot of mouth opening 
Monster full face splitting in two roaring is in this movie trailer https://youtu.be/rzsSfhBhM9M

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    So the split face one - first pics -
    i studdied how people make puppets and such so I engineered a way in the foam how to make it split enough and still be on her head and still look like her head . Then I coated the foam in dragon skin and used a model of her face to directly copy her face in front to make it seem like her face splits down the middle.

    the split arms I had to devise a way to make it hide the man’s arms because placing arms behind your back isn’t easy and we wanted the guy to move around and we also wanted the arms to move as well. So we have cables that run up through his pants when needed that turn and alter the arms so they will move accordingly .

    the glowing monster face . This one didn’t have too much engineering it was really just a creative paint job and extension of her jaw so that way she could roar .
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