[Character makeup contest] (3 entries) Him, Grunge girl orc, Warlock

I sculpted, molded, ran foam, and applied all of the prosthetics on every character shown down below. 
The Him makeup is my own rendition of the devil from power puff girls. The prosthetic is a Buffy piece covering the forhead down around the eyes and cheeks along with a chin piece and ears. I payed down hair on the head to create a widows peak and the beard too. All the paint was done with pax paint and grease paint. There are also fangs added which I sculpted and ran in acrylic the claws are sculpted and made from fiberglass. They are operated so they can move naturally and pinch.
Warlock is a full face prosthetic with with laid down hair and fangs that I sculpted and ran acrylic in. 
Female orc: 
The orc is a single buffy piece with added teeth and painted with pax paint. 

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