Steampunk Valentine character

 This is a new character that I created for a Valentine project that my husband and I created. She was made for a stop motion short that you can view on the vimeo site: 
  She is wearing a Titanic FX gelatin prosthetic on her cheek which you can see the clay sculpt of in one of the photos. 
  She has been body painted using Mehron body paint and a metalic powder. Her monicle was made of parts I sculpted and then cast with Smooth-on urethane, painted and added the feather and jewelry details.

 In the film, we decided that she should be reminiscent of an old love and that memory should be made of paper illustrated characters. These were shot in the traditional stop motion technique on green screen and then laid into the film in After Effects and layered with additional watercolor illustrations to create the water and sky.


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