First time working in Chavant

So I noticed a lot of the tutorials called for chavant so I got a few blocks of medium. I have to say it's a lot softer than I thought it would be & I'm wishing I had gotten the hard. Anyway before jumping into anything large I sculpted this little dragon. He's just under 3" tall & I need to go back & do a little more clean up work.  Let me know what you think! image


  • Thats great Nina! To make the chavant harder while you are working it, use canned air turned upside down, ( Caution it will give you burns if you spray it on your skin!) the propellent freezes the clay and lets you clean up small details. 

    And 3' is a really difficult size for chavant even for experienced sculptors, 18" or so is the norm. This may have been some of the difficulties you had with the softness. 

    If you want to do smaller sculptures like this you need to either a)use CX5 or b)do throwaway mold and a wax pour to continue sculpting in wax as a finish material. 

  • Cool looking dragon. I've always found Chavant medium pretty hard when its  not been warmed up but I don't think I've used it for anything this small.
  • Thanks so much Chris. I had no idea you could do that with canned air. I put the little guy in the freezer to let the clay harden up. I think here in TX it's just so dang hot that the clay gets soft fast. But I went back to polymer clay & found I do now like the Chavant better.  Thanks Josh, yeah I think it's just the heat here that makes it so soft. 

    Here are some resin casting I made image
  • The castings look like they turned out great!

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