Shiny layer on the skin

Hi there.
Can anybody tell me how can I get rid of the shiny layer of the tattoo paper when is applied on skin ?

I tried alcool based product or even hair spry to make the tatto look a bit old and dull, but doesn't work has hoped.



  • I've not tried this before, but here is the first idea that came to mind for me.

    Stipple a thin layer of pros-aide adhesive on the surface, let it dry, then powder with translucent or skin tone appropriate powder.   This would remove the shine and fade the intensity of the tattoo colors.  Blending the edges may be a challenge, but in theory it could work!

    Did you try using cream makeup on top of the tattoo?

  • Thanks for the tips @Chris Ellerby  :)

    I'll definitely try pros-aide and cream makeup asap.
  • Silicone primer
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