Prop Finger for Halloween (First attempt)

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Hello All!  First time posting but I have begun my adventure into Special F/X and started on a small project, a prop finger and the sculpt came out okay for my first time.  I could have done some more refining and wrinkles but when I casted it in latex I noticed some detail were lost.  Any tips on how to get more detail from a WED clay sculpture?  My next project is a Heart and Brain Prop.  I want to get a small project mastered before moving on though.  Thank you!

Clay Used: Laguna WED Clay
Plaster Used: Hydro Cal 30 (Should have used a clear plastic cup to make the mold) Lesson Learned
1st Cast Latex: Spirit halloween Latex
2nd Cast Latex: RD-407 latex Flesh Tone ( I think this latex froze at some point as it was more like a gel than a liquid so I will need to purchase more)


  • Prop Heart progress.
  • Looking good!

    To answer your question about getting more detail out of WED clay.  I've found WED takes detail best when it starts to dry slightly.  Not to the point of getting crumbly, but when the surface starts to feel a bit leathery (for lack of a better description).

    I'm not great at getting fine details in WED, that's why I usually use harder oil-based Monster clay or Chavant NSP.  But I've seen many sculptors create amazing detail in WED, so I know it's possible!  Just keep working with the WED and I'm sure you'll get the detail you are after eventually!


  • Thank you very much Chris for the reply.  I will continue to practice.
  • Magnífico!!!
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