SDCC 2014 Giant Creature Swag

Was anyone able to get any of the swag at SDCC for the giant creature? I found the t-shirt (and grabbed it ^_^) but was looking for the little mini 3D printed guys they should in the video, or any other cool stuff they had.  I would love to buy one of those little models! 


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    Hi Nina, the models are not released for the 3d print. 
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    They showed some little 3D printed guys in crazy colors in the video & said they would be giving them away at SDCC, they where small like maybe 3" I was looking for one of those or any other things they gave away. I know there was a card with a QR code, the shirt (which I got) and I'm not sure what else. Not looking for a model as in one to download, but the little guys they had to giveaway (if they did end up doing that)
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