Character makeup contest

My Fair Zombie! Backstage

SFX Makeup- FX Creator - Vlad Taupes
Actors - Josef Rarach
Photographer -  Irina Skripnik


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    I have a question for you, Josef. Do you do ANY work that is actually bad??? (Lol.)

    Seriously, ALL of your work is amazing! I have yet to see a single creation you've made that was not of the highest quality. I'm shocked you are not already working non-stop on high-budget films.

    GREAT WORK..., (again)!
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    Hey.  Thank you. We actualy working non-stop,
    Yes we work usually on low-budget films now, and there we do jast a simple stuff, there are no points were we can do somerthing huge. One of the big project in last time is "The Zookipers wife" were we do some animatronic animals, but again with not so high budget and realy short time 
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