Delilah Jones (Davy jones sister) Ahoy!

Hello! I came over this competition on a facebook group and i figures YESSS I want to join. This is my submission inspired by Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean come on, his sister got in some trouble with King Triton and one of his jellyfish. This is her punishment. Imagine that school photo, huh? haha

I created the prosthetics with homemade scar wax which is of flour and vaseline. Then I used cotton and latex to shape the rest. I used Kryolan pace paint and a sick highlighter I got from H&M. I also used products from Nyx Cosmetics that they gave me after they discovered little me on instagram. This is a super shitty homemade piece, but I hope that I may have a chance to win. I would very much like some proper supplies so I can start to make more and even more advanced things. I really want alcohol activated paint but I can't afford it on my salary. Fingers crossed!

This is my first "proper" prosthetic also. Next step is to learn how to make animatronics, because it would be really cool with moving tentacles!


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