[Character makeup contest ] MY DALI by kelly odell (entry 3 )

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HELLO,, i am kelly odell, 31,a makeup and special effects artist from leicester england. I do makeup, hair, SFX, and face and bodypaint - so im kind of slow trying to get great at everything as there is always so much to learn ! I just need to keep practicing and practicing and practicing. :)

please wait a few moments for the images to load :)
Here is my 3rd and final submission - which was really a tough choice as i have 2 zombies that i have done that i really like and wanted to share and submit,but i am hoping you find this abit more creative - but here goes -

This is my SALVADOR DALI inspired design.  A body paint artist opened her studio and asked me to create something dali inspired for her opening day. After being inspired by some of his images this is what i came up with. For this i made my first cowl piece! It went horribly wrong as the mould locked ! BUT with a lot of hammering and chisselling i managed to part it and salvage a piece to use. Again budget and time scale was tight so i used my 'trusty' go to slip latex for all my pieces. I made the cowl packed with so much cotton wool, the chest and back piece( with useable drawers), an arm rot piece and a melted clock. This was really fun to do and again i learnt a lot ! i am yet to try another cowl piece though!

I was absolutely distraught to learn after this day that the photographer didnt take many images of my design ( he got confused thinking someone else had already taken images for me ) so i only have what i took on my camera phone. That taught me a hard lesson to always try and take my own images with my camera just incase!

a little video clip i took , almost shows it well -


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    if anyone is interested my facebook page is www.facebook.com/kollectivebykellyodell
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