[Character makeup contest ] THEY BECOME HER by kelly odell (entry 2 )

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HELLO,, i am kelly odell, 31,a makeup and special effects artist from leicester england. I do makeup, hair, SFX, and face and bodypaint - so im kind of slow trying to get great at everything as there is always so much to learn ! I just need to keep practicing and practicing and practicing. :)

Here is my 2nd submission. Please wait a few moments for the images to load.
 This design was infact inspired by a technique i saw on FACE OFF- where i saw a contestant place wed clay into a mother mould of a face cast to use the impression as a cheat within their sculpt! I was amazed by this technique and thought it was genius, so i created this using 4 diffferent faces from 4 different mother moulds i owned. I also looked at images of dark art and depression art that inspired the split faces.
 This was my first time painting so much skin tone and i really enjoyed it. It was also my first ever chest piece i had made (i feel i have since improved) But again due to it being for a fun photoshoot on a tight budget i used slip latex and cotton wool to cast everything.There is so much i would change about this design if i did it again. But as it was my first chest piece i was pretty proud of the outcome and the blend of the latex edges.
This was the first time i worked with HORRIFY ME photography who loves his gore. I made sure we took some images before we added lots of fake mud and blood. The band SLASH shared this design on their instragram ! i couldnt believe it, i was so chuffed with that ! (they didnt credit me though haha )

here is a bad quality video pre blood of this

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