Marta S. Character Makeup Contest 3 Entries

Hi Stan Winston School people,

I'm a makeup artist from Italy and here are my 3 entries to your character makeup contest

The first one is a sfx character and it's the result from the union of a witch and a zombie
I focused on the details of the damaged skin like the enlarged pores, wrinkles, scars and the pointed, deformed nose
She wears (she's a lady btw) dark lenses
I lifecasted, designed, sculpted, moulded applied and painted with airbrush the silicone prothesis (flat encapsulated silicone pieces)

My second entry is this lovely Lady in the Mirror. She heartly welcomes new guests in what used to be her property.
I used a camouflage cream palette as a base and eyeshadows on top. 
nb: spiderwebs are real (from the costume store real), mirror frame in the first pic has been digitally applied.

Third and final entry is Bacchus
I blocked the eyebrows and used aquacolors and eyeshadows on top
As you can see he's slightly intoxicated but so happy to be here. He's got hot chili peppers around the face because he likes to spice things up..
nb: I made the costume myself, Bacchus and The Lady in the Mirror are the same model (Gisele, a really patient girl..)

Hope you like them!!!

Marta :smile:
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    Hi; I was wondering if I entered the contest correctly.. should I receive an email notification or something?
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