foam latex finishing techniques

Hi all, I make foam filled latex monsters and im looking for a product / technique to smooth over the expanding foam where I cut the excess foam pouring core, any suggestions please with kindest of regards Brian 


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    Can you patch it with latex?  Or are you looking for something different?

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    Hi Chris, I'm looking to make it less visible and to blend in better rather than it looking like a crow had pecked at it to get to its brains, many thanks Brian 
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    You might be able to sand down that surface using a rotary sanding tool.  (Pneumatic disc sanders work great)   I've had some luck with that on foam in the past.  Just wear a dust mask!

    How well it works will depend on the density of your foam, the grit of the sand paper/disc, and how fast the tool spins.  You'll need to find the right balance, so having some test parts to work on is ideal.

    Once the surface has been smoothed out you can patch any remaining divots or surface irregularities to even thing out.

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    To add to what Chriss suggested, here is a trick I learned a while ago.

    After the raw foam area, (or seam, etc.), has been smoothed out as best as possible, you can add a texture patch to hide it. Take the original mould, and locate an area in it, (near where the foam vent was), that features a texture close to the region you need to patch. Apply several layers of latex to the area, in a spot relatively larger than the area you need to patch. (How many layers of latex is up to your discretion. ('Just remember to taper the edges of the patch as best you can.) Allow this patch to dry. Then powder and remove from the mould. Now adhere this patch over the repair area, (kind of like a Band-Aide), and blend in the edges. This should in effect, completely disguise the repair area, nearly perfectly, ('being it is from the same mould, has the same texture as the area you just repaired). Then seal, and complete the finishing on you creation, like you normally would.

    'Hope this helps.
    -Jeffrey Warren Park
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