Painting and baking Sculpey - Past Jordu Schell webcourse

I wasn't able to find a specific forum for this past webcourse, but was hoping to get an answer here. In the webcourse on miniature head sculpting using Sculpey, Jordu uses watercolor paints before baking the head. I am wondering if any subsequent baking of the sculpture will degrade or fade the colors. For instance, once I complete my head, I would like to bake it so I don't chance messing anything up as I work on making a body for it. I read that it is ok to bake in layers with Sculpey, but if I make a body and bake again, will the colors on the head change at all? I would hate for all the hard work of detailing the head get messed up. 

Thanks for any input. It was a fantastic course and very helpful.


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    Hi Cody,

    The colors changing will likely depend on the brand/make of paints you are using, and the types/colors of pigments and how they react to heat.

    I would suggest making two small sample pieces, and paint them identically with your different colors.  Then repeatedly bake one at the same time/temperature as recommended for sculpey and compare that one to your un-baked control piece.  

    Please let us know what you find out!

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