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In this discussion: Please upload the images (4) of your work by Midnight (12AM PDT) Friday, June 21st, (Latest Saturday Morning). So Casey has time to look at your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible.

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  • Hi

    Here are my updated second sculpt with the comments from Casey added.

    Hope you like it.


  • Hi

    This is my first sculpt textured and finished



  • Hi

    Here is my second sculpt textured and complete


  • I wasn't able to finish my sculpt because I only had a couple of hours to work on it and I can't take it home with me over the holidays, but I started texturing it. I was not able to find alcohol to polish it, where is the best place to get this? Also my camera doesn't focus right anymore it's hard for me to photograph the texture /:

  • hi guys i've started on a bit of skin texturing around the neck and cheeks. i wont be able to do any more than this till next week (rainforest festival!) . hope thats alright. i decided to give the last pic a kind of creepy look to set the mood of this character
  • Hi, everyone. I tried to go for a driftwood texture on the main skin parts, and a hickory type bark on the branches.  I was lucky in that the way the flash worked, his eyes almost look like they're glowing. :)
  • Here is my second sculpt. Added a little more detail.
  • I also didn't have as much time this week but I did what I could with what I had. I'll continue to work on him and look forward to painting him over the course of the next three weeks!
  • This week was insanely busy for me so I didn't get as far as I wanted to with this yet.  I also started detailing then realized that I wanted to make a couple of the shapes a bit bigger. Anyway, here's week three.  :)
  • WOW Richard

    great stuff.



  • Hey Guys! Looks like a lot of us have have time issues this week. Ha ha me as well. I was able to add a few of the suggestions Casey gave me but there are a few more that I have been working on at the moment, like some stretched skin going from the head to the shell thing. And I am still not quite happy with the hanging neck skin, any impute would be great.  I will post the progress soon. Wow! everyone's stuff is looking insanely awesome!
  • hey guys hes still very unfinished as I wanted to change a lot of things. as you can tell the top of the head his mouth and his space suit are changed. i hope to finish him very soon and maybe even cast him. seeing everyone's work if very inspiring and makes me want to work more keep up the awesome work guys.
  • Hello,

    Unfortunately my sculpt is not yet detailed. I'm still not sure that the form is strong enough to focus on detail. Casey, would you mind giving me a bit more feedback on the design? I'm more happy with it now than I was before, but he's still not quite working for me (particularly in the profile view). I do want to keep this guy a little simpler so that I can use him for the painting class.

  • Hey Guys, here are the pictures of my creature kaleo all finished and before it was baked. Sorry I have been super busy lately and forgot to upload the final pictures. Any feedback would be much appreciated. thanks again guys for the awesome class experience I learned a ton from everyone. 
  • Hi Brogan

    I love it very very cool the detail is so clean

    great job.

    Steve C

  • I realy like like this Brogan. Great work.
  • Hi Brogan, absolutely awesome work man!! As Steve said, it is so clean, the details are just incredible!! Great work!!
  • Thanks a ton guys. I was really excited about this one even though it was my first time with super sculpey. I didn't like the clay at first but know I cant wait to start some new sculpts. thanks again guys this class was awesome! I hope everyone keeps using the forums to post new work I cant wait to see what you guys come up with.
  • Hi everyone, 

    Been juggling between 'bread and butter' work and detailing these past two weeks. 
    So, apologies for the delay in getting these on the forum. Better later than never eh?
    It's a time consuming process the ol' detailing thing... 

    Detailing was a struggle, it's really scary! 
    My confidence went up through practice however. I worked back into the forms, changed things and applied detail. I love using the alcohol (burp), it's like magic when it smooths the surface out.

    Let me know your thoughts if you get time, I'm open to any suggestions you may have. 
    Despite making big changes to her horns, baking her teeth (thanks for the
    baking tips Casey) and playing with secondary forms etc, she still needs work regarding detailing, but I'm getting there. I've posted what I have so far.  The frog fella is to follow. 
  • Here's my work on the second character. His jaw is fairly heavy (despite the tinfoil), the weight of the clay at one point pulled down the jaw, so much so the clay cracked horizontally along the mouth. I've got him better supported now though. He needs a permanent stand until I fire him in the oven. (I keep swapping the same stand between the dragon and frog while working.) 

    It's been a learning experience!

  • Hi Peter

    Very nice both look really detailed and very cool


  • Thanks Steve, 

    It's been a big learning experience. Need a rest for a day or so.
    My eyeballs are sizzled. Your characters are very cool. Really nice
    detail work. I particularly like the folded skin on the back of the alien's neck and head.
    I received your glass beads in the post by the way, so may 
    have to think up a character that can utilize say, 60 eyes.  ;)

    I'm totally stoked to see the work all of you have submitted so far. I'm Inspired!
    Brogan, really nice work! Structure maintained nicely and nice posture.

  • Hi guys,

    For those of you doing the painting course, how are you all getting on?  
  • The painting course was great. Lots of good stuff.
  • Clearly it isn't quite finished but this was it before paint:
  • Hi Richard, thanks for posting your character work. That's super.I totally dig his mouth and teeth design.
    The paint job really brings him out 10 fold. Is there translucent stuff going on with his ears and nose piece, or is that the way he is painted making it look more translucent than he actually is? The amount of fine detail in there is amazing and the Shark element is well executed. Top work, class character. 
    Any tips for someone thinking about starting off with an airbrush? Actually, how much of your character was airbrush vs brush painting? Love your work, thanks for posting.
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