I've been working on this for our horror walk! :)

Hey everyone! I've just managed to finally get a day off after our comic con this weekend and I thought I'd share some of my work for one of the creatures for the horror walk we had the event. It's my very first time doing this so I've had some help from my dad so I didn't majorly screw things up! over all this has been about 3 months work giving that I hadn't much time and still stuff to prep for the event somethings had to be dropped like adding the teeth into the final cast and padding out the mask from the inside. But its all a learning curve! 

So enjoy the pictures from start to finish and feel free to leave comments. 

I want to do more of this stuff so there will be more to come! D


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    Looks terrifying!  Can't wait to see the finished painted piece, hope you can share that with us!

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