Silicone mold for latex prosthetics

 I am curious about running latex in silicone molds. Does this work or does the non-porous nature of the silicone mess it up?


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    Hey Melissa,
    i have tried to make a latex glove out of an epoxy mold a few months ago. I had to brush in layer by layer of latex.
    Every single layer had to cure,.. ( i have used a hairdryer to dry the latex- layers) That was the shittiest work ive ever done. It took me 5 days to create one glove xD
    My conclusion is: Latex- Stonemold, Foamlatex- stone/epoxymold, Resins- siliconemold, Silicone- silicone/stone/ epoxymold.
    Maybe you have a high temperature silicone mold for foamlatex? That could work :-)

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     Thanks for your reply Kai. I will be using foam latex and baking it at 150 degrees for a few hours. I have made some molds of my pieces using Smooth-on moldstar 30. The molds came out nice and I'm going to bake it and see what comes of it.
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