Tarfful the Wookiee- Star Wars, The Revenge of the Sith

This is my Tarfful the Wookiee costume. 
He is Chewbacca's uncle so he's a bit bigger, bulkier and grumpier than Chewy.
Using strengthened stilts I sculpted and cast some feet that articulte to make the gate look more natural. You can even do kung-fu kicks in them! I then made some finger extentions and cheated the look of the legs by lowering the belt. This helps to stop it looking like a guy wearing stilts with really long legs and a sort body and arms. 
The hair is acrylic braiding hair that is individually latch hooked onto a mesh undersuit. I made a light weight foam muscle suit to add the Wookiee bulk and built a real time sound system into the chest piece. When the jaw is opened it activatesa snarl in the top lip and also a micro switch that makes those familiar Wookiee roars. The teeth are made from real dental acrylic and the tongue is latex foam. 
To finish it off I made a Kashyyyk heavy blaster that is nearly 6' long, perfect when the walking carpet weilding it is 8' 4".
Definitely a favourite when I took him out this Halloween.
Here's a vid of the suit in action-


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