Swamp Creature

Original swamp creature - comprising of mask, claws, feet, hunchback and full body suit. 
Mask, hands and feet sculpted in WED clay, molded in plaster and latex casts made.

Painted by airbrush with rubber cement paints and stippling techniques.
Hunchback made from fibreglass with latex spine details.

3-piece Bodysuit is a latex skin with string, wool, foam and tissue paper to create texture and detail. Hand painted with latex paints and airbrush finishing details.

100% made from scratch by myself. Took over 7 months to complete the full costume.


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    Amazing. Has it been used for production? If not please contact me.
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    edited July 2019
    Fantastic work!  I always love seeing a creation taken out into the wild and photographed like this. 

    Really brings it to life!

    Did you run into anyone while shooting these shots?  Any fun reactions?

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