Zombified Scarecrow... ish

Mine can't compare to most submissions for this contests which was why I almost didn't enter, but in the end I figured what the heck. 
This started off as a zombie type of thing, but eventually turned into something else. Partly inspired by carved pumpkins, partly by burlap scarecrows... so I give you this... thing. 

I generally don't have a lot of cool material to work with. This one was all tissue paper and liquid latex (courtesy of a cousin who loves my weird interests. I used to work with wood glue before) and of course fake blood, delicious fake blood. I used cheap face paint for kids and neutral eye shadows to color the whole thing. Regular black thread was used to do the stitches on my forehead. Eyes are the only thing done in PS because I can't afford contacts. 
This was all applied directly to my face layer by layer. I don't have a face cast or anything like that to make actual prosthetic appliances. I generally map out what type of look I'm going for with an eyeliner and then apply layers of tissue paper and latex (I use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process). I usually cover my eyebrows with regular glue stick so I don't have any troubles removing the latex afterwards.


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