Dinosaur costume construction

Could anyone please point me to information on the internet on how to build the internal frame/structure for a dinosaur costume? Also looking for information on building the controls for the eyes, mouth, and head movement.

Thank you!

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  • Thanks Chris. The pictures are very helpful!


  • This video is also very helpful for seeing how the inner mechanics work:

  • This is the exact project I am going after, except with a little modifications as to be able to ride on to, using reverse stilts.

    I just see as a tool for the busk within the troupe, and being with natural story telling skills already got a full bio of how he was caught, where he lives, and all efforts to keep out of the media, as to one of the best kept secrets in the 21 century.

    And I truly hate being inside a prop with public interaction, comfort is talking with public and in this case a type of guardian type dinosaur rider.
  • Roy,

    Here is a costume similar to what you are talking about.  Found it a while back.

  • Thank you Chris, I have got an S.C.A. war other side of Bakersfield and short of Taft California coming up full commitment on this project  at 12th of Oct. but blown away with this site and the structure of it and see a couple other things in the offerings here that will help me here in Vegas. Another thing that interest me is while doing S.C.A. and Ren fair stuff in down time is your miniatures city class in progress for game night here and on the road for full action games for my circles in making pool table platform in playing the game and doing battles, so a video will be cool just to step it up for game night and mobile gaming at events great site thanks


  • Roy,  That's one of the things I love about the skills involved in the special effects industry, they have so many non-industry applications.  Each is a tool in your creative toolbox and what you do with it is up to you.

    I really hope you can share your projects here, I'd love to see what you end up making for the S.C.A. Ren fair world.


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