The Beast!

This Halloween I made my own version of the "Beast" from Beauty and the Beast.  I got to use a lot of materials and techniques I usually don't get to play with including fiberglass, epoxy molds, servos, acrylic teeth, and hair.  The final result was a full mechanical silicone mask.  Here are a few pictures of the final product, as well as some process pics.

This was sculpted on my life cast with WED clay

Here are some of the molds I made, including the underskull and my lifecast

And here is the underskull with acrylic teeth and lip tabs

This is the final painted silicone skin ready for hair

And here is a progress pic as the hair is getting put on.  Most of the hair was layed with a little punching towards the end

And here is a shot with my crew, and my son thinking that I'm nuts.

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