2017 Halloween Contest - Ryuk


This is my version of Ryuk (from Death Note). My husband wore it to our town's Halloween gathering. He was in the make up for about 7 hours. 

The make up consists of 3 prosthetics: a brow piece, a nose piece, and an extended chin piece. I also sewed the pants & cheese cloth "skirt", altered the shirt, hand-painted the Death Note book, painted & styled the wig, and fabricated the shoulder pieces.  We have a tight budget, so I managed to make the entire thing for around $100. (Not counting the price of the drywall stilts.) This is the first full walk-around costume I've made. It is also my first time applying prosthetics. 

Thank you. 
Meg Berg 

Jon (my husband) outside of our city hall taking a picture for the local paper. This shows the height of the full costume. 

Close up #1. Indoors without gloves or stilts on. 

Close up #2. Outside with props. 

Close up #3. 
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