Albino Wendigo - Complete with Digitigrade Stilts, Antlers, and Glowing Eyes!

My initial idea was to create a happy little faun. I may have steered off course just a tad.

I chose to take the more monstrous route and depict my wendigo as a bipedal, elk-like creature. Many Native American tribes see albino animals as sacred, and to kill one is to curse yourself with rotten luck. Coming across this lovely beasty in a dark forest leaves you with two choices: kill and get cursed, or curse and get killed.

This costume was created using just about every material under the sun. Wood, copper wire, cardboard, expanding spray foam, aluminum foil, hot glue, PVC piping, joint compound, air-dry clay, Mod Podge, toilet paper, upholstery foam, duct tape... You name it.

Budget artist? Guilty as charged.

The digitigrade stilts were 100% crafted by me. If you want to see the only poorly-documented footage I have of the base build, check it out here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlWsJN-g9Js&t=6s

Kinda cute, isn't he?
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