Demogorgon - Stranger Things

a GIF of it in motion with a strobe light for extra spookiness. 
awkward prom style full body costume shot with the Eleven I also whipped up

This low-tech and low budget lil' baby is largely made from upholstery foam, liquid latex, yoga mats, hot glue and clay. 

I added a full body zipper to a long sleeved unitard for practicality purposes (AKA to pee), then used some fabric spray paint to texturize it. 

The chest is carved upholstery foam with a thin layer of liquid latex for a more skin-like texture, then painted to match the body suit. 

The head is where it gets kinda weird. The 'petals' of the mouth were made with yoga mats glued onto a wire frame. The teeth were all hand sculpted and the wet look in the mouth is from hot glue and paint. The center of the mouth is a black net/grid material (like what you'd use to make a rug). 

Because I wanted to go to some local bars without taking my entire head off to be ID'd, I made sure the center part opened and closed using a simple magnet/hinge set up; it's sort of like a tiny round face door!  The center circle part of it is a pretty simple wooden octagon I made with padding to mold it around my face/glasses. It has an elastic heads strap and a foam cover with a spine to connect it to the chest/body of the costume.

Overall rough cost for the final piece is probably around $180/200!  

Here's a sort of progress photo to give you a better idea of the material:

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