Alien Empress Ghaya and her floating eel dragon Atticus

Hi there everyone!

I made this duo for Halloween this year. Although the dragon served more as background decoration, in my mind they belong together, that's why I added him as well. I hope that's okay. My main costume, the alien empress is made out of a fabricated paper mache cowl that glows in the dark (with the help of LED lights) and a latex half mask that was attached to blend in seamlessly. The model was able to look through the nostrils and wore the costume for about 3 hours. The dragon is made of a wire frame, paper mache, all types of plastic and packaging material, some fur bits and a lot of latex.
I was super inspired by Jordu Schell's work, the Star Wars movies, Star Trek and Valerian and the city of a thousand planets.

The last picture is more of what I had envisioned in my concept. Due to weather conditions and logistics it wasn't possible to shoot this picture in reality so I edited multiple shots together in photoshop.
All pictures used and posted here were taken by me.
My mom was modelling as Ghaya
It took about 4 weeks to complete the alien costume form start to finish and about 6 weeks to make the dragon.

Good luck to everyone entering!!!
I've seen so many awesome creations on here so far and thank you for taking the time to look at my work



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