Bastion Overwatch Halloween costume

Jiovanie VelazquezJiovanie Velazquez Illinois
This is the costume I made from Eva foam for my 10yr old son Oscar. 

It's got bright LEDs lighting up the helmet and a voice activated light on the chest panel.

There is a temp cap for the top of the mini-gun and a temp claw covering the barrel of the arm gun in some of the pics/video because of the 'no weapons and gore at the school parade' rules.

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    Hi Jiovanie,
    You're a great dad indeed, and the costume is awesome. My son Jerry is only 5 but he's obsessed with Transformers. How long did it take you to complete this project? I'm thinking about a Bumblebee costume for Jerry (it's his favorite hero).
    I thought i could make a Dragon Con: Overwatch cosplay for Dragon Con 2017 my essay on Bastion build (it took the guy around 200 hours to create it).

    Grant Wilson

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