Bastion Overwatch Halloween costume

This is the costume I made from Eva foam for my 10yr old son Oscar. 

It's got bright LEDs lighting up the helmet and a voice activated light on the chest panel.

There is a temp cap for the top of the mini-gun and a temp claw covering the barrel of the arm gun in some of the pics/video because of the 'no weapons and gore at the school parade' rules.




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    Hi Jiovanie,
    You're a great dad indeed, and the costume is awesome. My son Jerry is only 5 but he's obsessed with Transformers. How long did it take you to complete this project? I'm thinking about a Bumblebee costume for Jerry (it's his favorite hero).
    I thought i could make a Dragon Con: Overwatch cosplay for Dragon Con 2017 Bastion build (it took the guy around 200 hours to create it).
    Grant Wilson
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    WOW! My son really wants me to make him a custom but I do not have these skills. Any chance you would sell this???
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    Hi Grant, sorry for the delayed response, I was never notified about your reply. It took me many months to complete this project using every bit of time I could find. I never tracked actual time spent but 200 hours doesn't seem far off. I could probably do it in far less now though after having done it once already. 

    Rachel, I didn't have the skills either.. this was my second costume and the first one was laughable by comparison! You can do it! Or buy this one but it would be VERY expensive, plus shipping costs...
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