"DISASTROUS DOLLS" Dolls from famous horror films

This year we competed at 2 local costume contests and these were our costumes! After I decided on this years theme I put my husband to work fabricating all the props that I had thought up in my mind! All the masks were made with a 2 part apoxie using the techniques from Bruce D. Mitchell's courses and that helped sell the idea of these costumes being real life dolls. Chucky and Tiffany are full facial prosthetics using Dragon Skin that I sculpted and cast myself. I was able to sew the Poltergeist Clown's costume but turned Annabelle and Tiffany's dresses over to my Maw Maw who is a seamstress and sewed these from only one picture of each! Annabelle's case was made from the ground up and was attached to Billy's trike so that it seemed billy was taking her out for a night on the town!! (I think they make a cute couple) Billy's trike was and old bike our neighbors had rotting in the woods next to their house and we completely took it apart and reassembled it as a trike! I wanted to bring some of the detail from Annabelle: Creation into it so I hand sketched the Mullins Toy Company logo and after 3 days i finally got it all burned into the wood! Billy from saw was my costume and the mouth moved so we could play some sound bites from the Saw movies from our stereo that was placed in our wagon and creep people out. Also we made the local news this morning and while we weren't able to get all the dolls to be there for the interview Annabelle and Billy were able to make an appearance :) Below is the link to our interview this morning

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