What do you do with all the props and material you build for a project or event?

Do you reuse props?
Is there an Indianna Jones warehouse somewhere?
I would love to know your proces.


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    If I'm proud of my final product, I like to add it to the decor of my craft room!
    If its not quite up to snuff for that, I still try to keep things as organized as possible. I like to reuse what I can, so long as I can still use it for its origional purpose. 

    Beyond that, I spend a looot of time on pinterest looking up organizational hacks and dreaming of the day I actually do them lol.

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    edited November 2017
    Great question @Robin Huisman!   That's something I struggle a lot with.  Some of the things I build (like my full scale aluminum R2D2) are rather large, and take up a lot of space.

    I try and keep all of my project is my work room, so they don't take over the rest of the house.  But displaying stuff in the work room can take up space that I need to move around and work on new projects!  I do have a storage unit where I keep  older and bulky projects (as well as molds and tools I only use a couple times a year).

    There are a lot of larger projects I would like to build, but not having a place for them to live is a real conundrum!

    @Kristin Wyly:  If you spend time on pinterest looking for storage and organizational hacks, you might like my "workshop day dreams" pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/vexfx/workshop-daydreams/

    I don't update it too often, but there's some great stuff there!

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