2017 Halloween Costume Contest-HULKBUSTER Costume

Hello all, sharing my Hulkbuster costume for the contest.

HULKBUSTER: Has about 500+ hours put into it. Everything except the handmade stilts, are made of 10mm EVA foam. all of the seams were carefully sanded down with 120 grit, then 220 grit and then 400 grit for smooth seams. Whole thing was primed, painted, dry brush details added and then clear coated with automotive paint. All fingers are articulated and movable with the simple pull of a wooden dowel. The chest arc reactor and hand repulsers light up with a series of LED's. The helmet is hinged at the back and is easily opened up with the push of a thin lightweight metal rod and propped up for cooling purposes. The Stilts are handmade with 6 inch PVC pipe, plywood, some metal for the shin supports and cushioning. everything is strapped with Velcro and webbing and buckles. All joints are movable with ease and the suit is very light weight. Stands over 8 feet tall.

Thank you for allowing me to enter the costume contest. (I also made ALIEN and PREDATOR costumes on different discussions)

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