Wild dog costume!

Hi there! thank you for checking out my costume! The mask is a resin base, drape-furred with white, 3" pile fur and then trimmed and airbrushed to color. The scars were happy accidents, wrinkles in the fur that I didnt catch until the final trimming, which is when I cut and turned them into scars.

The staff is EVA foam layered around a kitespar core, dremeled to shape and then painted, and washed in acrylics and then sealed with a rubberized coating.

The undersuit is just white underarmor, airbrushed with the wild dog fur pattern. This will also be used for LARP, so that was in mind for comfort over using fur.

The blue over-robe was made from a priest/wizard robe pattern

The belt was cut from a nice hide (cant recall the thickness offhand) purchased from Tandy leather, and cut, stained, and finished.

The articulating tail was a series of sintra plates riveted together around 3" nylon webbing, then foamed, furred, trimmed and airbrushed.

The hair hiding my ears is my own.

And there you have it! Enjoy! tell me what you think!

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