White Walker Female Costume

My white walker costume was created by making a silicone facial prosthetic that i sculpted, molded, and then poured in silicone and painted with alcohol activated paints and sealed with a layer of silicone. I also created a chest piece in a similar process of sculpt, mold, pour, and paint which was then attached to a shirt I stretched and stained. The shawl was created by modifying a crochet shawl and then sewing on fur which was originally white and then hand painted to the different grey colors and then all was dyed with a mixture of coffee and tea. The ice staff is resin with Encapso K encapsulated inside it and then a wooden stick placed in the mold as the resin was curing. Twine was then wrapped around the wood at the base of the resin. The wig is attached halfway and tacked down with silicone adhesive to adhere it to the top of the prosthetic. It has been my most ambitious costume I've created. 
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