Flexible reusable prosthesis for Lips

Hi Folks.
I need to make a reusable shield that I can glue on my lips, and can be removed and re-used again.
It needs to be flexible to allow me to talk without distorting my lip shapes.

Concept.. still working on the best way to map speech to servos in real time. Unfortunately it looks like extracting phonemes from speech is a dead end for now regardless of how fast the underlying processor is.
Example. Consider the two words Bottom and Booth.
Both start with "Bo" so the system can position the lip structures to get that. However the system cannot predict that it needs to hold the lips to do the 'TT' sound, or the "OO" sounds. The speaker knows but an external listener cannot know until after the sounds have been uttered.  It can be done however one will have to delay until after the words have been spoken.

So it is back to colored markers or tiny LED's on specific points of the lips that can be watched with a small camera and the X/Y of these points mapped.

Hence the need for something that can be glued to my lips and removed.  

Many thanks


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    You could try using silicone and a silicone adhesive like "Snappy-G" or Telesis 5.

    Lips are challenging to adhere to due to the moisture and movement.  You can apply zinc oxide powder to the lips to help dry them and keep them dry longer.  Just make sure you get pharmaceutical grade powder with large enough particle size that they sit on the skin.

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