Which silicone caulking for painting prosthetics?

So I've been see pretty specific caulks mentioned (GE 1200 construction silicone) but don't have time to order them. I'm guessing the others cure faster? What is the next best thing I can get at say home depot? The GE silicone glue maybe? What about the GE all purpose silicone 1? What about the GE Iron Grip?

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    I've used the silicone type 1 for other stuff like making the putty with cornstarch. I read the type 2 even though it's 100% silicone doesn't work. So wasn't sure if it was like that as I've seen very specific brands mentioned. People were saying to use an adhesive one as it cures faster. So I got the GE iron grip stuff but not sure if it will work?
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