I created this Malthael Costume that is on a wheelchair base and i control it from my weapon handle.  i also can lift from 7' to 10' by hitting a switch with my feet.  It has a Pyle Speaker system in there along with a voice changer and it really brings it to life..

This link shows more of this build 

Here is a video of it lifting upward 



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    Here are some of the pics before it was completed.   I 3d scanned in the pendant of the wheel chair and sunk the model into the handle before i 3d printed out the entire weapon. 

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  • Mannn! Loved this costume! I actually was at the fusion bar in my lycan while you were on the opposite side.after i dekitted i walked past you and was kicking myself i did not get a pic in costume with you!
  • Thanks man I really appreciate it :) I'll be back with it again next year :) and it will be better .. I was in a rush to get it wearable this year :) 
  • Likewise, mine only arrived Sat evening and had to fix stilts and hair it! Next year we have to meet as Lycan and reaper!
  • I agree we will have to meet up and chat as well :) it's right around the corner :) did you get Marriott rooms? We got one a couple weeks ago when they went on sale
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