Halloween 2017 Costume Contest : Underworld Lycan (William)

Hey all,

Here is my silicone Lycan costume, about 2 years from start to finish (ie first head sculpt to final suit up)

The head and hands were sculpted in chavant and molded in Fibrelgass, body and feet sculpted in WED clay and mold in Fibreglass and cast in silicone and backed with poly foam. Painted with brushes and flicking technique (some minor detail work with an airbrush on the head) and resin teeth

Stilts were metal but the weight of the suit broke them so custom ones out of wood were made and modified too many times!

Takes 2 people to suit me up due to the weight.

All hair was hand punched except for the brown lines to cover the zip.

Was my first time using WeD clay, fibreglass molds, casting silicone or painting silicone or hair punching. Alot of trial and error.

Video of walking in the suit


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