Shiva (From Final Fantasy VIII)

Hi again! So I recreated this character from the videogame Final Fantasy VIII.

I made this entire makeup on my friend Kim, of whom I made a head cast in order to do the head pieces. 

I made the cowl in foam latex using a cardboard "oven", a fan heater and a homemade temperature regulator to bake the foam latex. For the flaps, I've used worbla thermoplastics. The forehead was made individually and I made it in PlalGel 10 encapsulated in SuperBaldiez. 
I've made in total 30 prosthetic pieces for this character, including shoulder pieces, crystals, breast pieces, bikini, thigh pieces, elven ears.

I spend a total of 6 hours to apply all prosthetics and do the bodypaint by airbrushing, using alcohol based and water based paints for airbrush. 

PS: Credits
Photographs by Chapman Lee (LPCosplay Photography), London (UK).
Model: Kim Hobbs
Bodypaint and SFX makeup: Me.
I do have an instagram account for SFX work and also a cosplay page. Please PM me if you want to have a look at these (I don't want to spam my pages over here! :) ).


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