Bram Stoker's Dracula

Hi all, I'm here with my Dracula costume (again!).

I made this all by myself (and that's also me wearing the costume and prosthetics).

I created 10 prosthetic pieces sculpting all individual areas of Gary Oldman's face on chavant clay, I divided the pieces and made individual molds. I run the appliances in PlatGel10 encapsulated in SuperBaldiez. These were all self-applied on the pictures attached. It took about 4 hours to make it all ready.

I made the wig off two front-lace Arda wigs and a 18" extension for the braid. I have also made both garments from scratch (figuring out the weird pattern of this costume), making the red robe out of 5 metres of back crepe sating fabric. The shroud was made in linen, and those embroidered patterns were made by hand with golden thread and red cotton thread. 

Hope you enjoy it!

PS: Credits
Photographs by Kosupics and MangaGirl Photography, London (UK).
Model: Me.
Costume and SFX makeup: Me.
I do have an instagram account for SFX work and also a cosplay page. Please PM me if you want to have a look at these (I don't want to spam my pages over here! :) ).


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