Best silicone from silicone mold release?

Can't seem to find a clear answer for this. I made a mold using Smooth-on Body Double Silk and plan to cast Polytek Platsil Gel 10 into it. The Smooth-on website says the Ease Release 200 is not very effective as a release agent and instead says use thinner petroleum jelly. So I called Smooth-on to check and the guy in the line said he would use the Ease Release 200. So then I called Polytek and the guy was not familiar with Ease Realese 200 but said the thinned petroleum jelly would be fine. So just seeing what people's thoughts on here were. Thank you.

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    Could there be something about Body Double Silk that is problimatic?
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    I didn't see anything in the literature on post curing. How long and at what temp would you recomend?
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