First ever Maquette

Hi everyone wanted to show my first ever Maquette. hes almost finished need to work on the back part more also apart from a paint job which im terrified about thinking maybe finding someone on her who i could pay to paint him. tell me what you think x


  • Wow, that is really great for a first maquette! 

    If you paint it yourself you'll lear more.  You may not love the result as much, but you'll get closer to doing paint jobs you will love.  Also, you can always re-paint it until you get the look you are after!

  • Thank-you so much chris! means alot. 

    you are absolutely right, your words have given me the motivational push. think the jordu maquette painting video would be a perfect help. 

    thanks again chris all the best. 
  • My pleasure.  I hope you can share some paint progress and final shots with us here!

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